CODDYCA - Coding School for Kids & Teens

Classes in English

Student motivation system (we pay $$$)

Students make their own games (M.Y.O.G.)

One Month of Coding = One Game

Homework is provided (optional)

Canada based experienced teachers

55 minutes duration of each coding class

Three levels of groups (Junior, Middle, Senior)

One or Two fun classes a week

Each lesson is recorded on video

ScratchJr is a great start for learning coding on tablets for kids 5+ years old. ScratchJr coding for kids teaches them how to create games, animate characters and make their own cartoons. They can also add their own sounds and images to personalize their creations. During the learning process, children master the most basic foundations of coding - loops, actions on commands, waiting, and others. With ScratchJr, children can develop their problem-solving skills and creativity while having fun. The coding skills they learn in ScratchJr will help them understand how technology works and prepare them for more advanced coding in the future.
Scratch coding for kids (which was created by MIT) is the next step up from ScratchJr. Scratch is easy to use and is perfect for children who are 7 years and older. When kids take the Coding Games in Scratch course, they are captured by real programming, since Scratch has over 200 commands to create cool and exciting 2D games. In Scratch, kids can record their voice, upload sounds and images of characters - in general, there is everything to learn visual coding at the highest level. The course will also help children to develop their problem-solving and logic skills as they learn to create their own games. The course is designed to be interactive and fun, making it a great way for children to learn coding while having fun.
Does your child play games all the time? And what if not just play games, but create them yourself? At CODDYCA we teach Roblox coding for kids. Students learn how to create 3D games in Roblox Studio. We come up with modeling, materials, set the visibility of objects, and of course we do programming using the LUA programming language. Our experienced instructors have already created over 15 unique games for Roblox and will share their knowledge and expertise with the students. By the end of the course, your child will have the skills to create their own fantastic games and have a new hobby to enjoy. Additionally, the course will help to improve problem-solving, creativity and logical thinking skills. Join us in CODDYCA and let your child unleash their imagination and creativity while having fun!
Don’t miss out on our Python coding for kids class. Python is one of the most popular and in-demand programming languages used by Google, Instagram, NASA, YouTube, Spotify, and other mega-companies. Students aged 9+ years old will start with the basics of Python syntax and then progress to creating graphics and games using the Pygame library. As they advance in the course, they will also learn about Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, which are highly sought-after skills in today's job market. By learning Python, your child will be opening the door to a wide range of exciting career possibilities, including web development, backend development, and data analysis. With experienced instructors and a fun and interactive curriculum, our class will provide your child with the foundation they need to excel in the tech industry. Sign up now to give your child a head start in the world of programming and technology!
In our Javascript coding for kids class, children aged 10 and up will learn the basics of programming using JavaScript, one of the most popular and versatile programming languages. They will use Phaser.js, a powerful open-source HTML5 game framework that allows for the creation of engaging and interactive games that can be played on a wide range of devices. Phaser.js offers WebGL and Canvas rendering, which makes it easy to create games that can be played on both desktop and mobile web browsers. Additionally, games can be compiled to iOS, Android, and native apps using third-party tools. With thousands of developers worldwide using Phaser, your child will be learning a valuable skill that is widely used by indie and multi-national digital agencies, and universities worldwide. Our class is designed to be fun and interactive, and our experienced instructors will guide your child through the process of creating their own games. Sign up to provide your child a valuable skill that they can use in the world of programming and game development!
Our Unity coding for kids course is a comprehensive program that will introduce your child to the world of game development. Unity is a professional gaming platform used by some of the most popular and successful games on the market such as Among Us, Pokémon Go, Untitled Goose Game, Cuphead, Beat Saber and many more. Unity has its own visual editor, which allows children to create games without the need to write complex code. They will learn to program in C#, a powerful programming language that is widely used in the industry. The course lasts one calendar year, and during this time, your child will learn the essential skills needed to create their own games on the Unity platform. Our experienced instructors will guide your child through the process of designing and creating their own games. They will also have the opportunity to work on several ready-made games that we will do together in an online class. By the end of the course, your child will have the knowledge and skills to create their own games on Unity and be one step closer to becoming a professional game developer.
Virtual coding classes by ZOOM
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Cost of Education

Tuition Fees are include:

  • Student support by phone, email or ZOOM
  • 1:1 make-up class in case of missed group class
  • Small classes with maximum 5 students per instructor
  • Fixed tuition fee for 1 year from the start of training
  • Priority registration for future school programs
  • Payout of success points earned by students
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Svetlana Demb
Highly recommended! My 13 years old son loves it a lot. Completed 3 modules and happily enrolls for more. The teacher is very professional and the school provides very high level of service.
Course: Python Coding for Kids
Nina Boginska
Хорошие рекомендации школы ,учитель от Бога!подход к детям и интересные программы !
Course: Python Coding for Kids
Galiya Kiseleva
Замечательная школа, увлекательные не занудные занятия очень нравятся детям, идут в школу с удовольствием. Это те навыки, которые несомненно понадобятся в будущем. Спасибо Михаилу и его команде!!!
Course: Scratch Coding for Kids
Olchik Chykaliuk
Очень рекомендую школу CODDY.ca из собственного опыта. Прекрасная система обучения деток компьютерным навыкам и программирования. Хороший подход к деткам и доступное объяснение...
Course: ScratchJr Coding for Kids
Tatyana Noritsyn
Очень рекомендую из личного опыта с двумя детьми! Замечательные, продуманные до мелочей, программы, педагог, который находит общий язык с каждый ребенком и подростком.
Course: Python Coding for Kids
Oksana Malina
Great interactive way to introduce kids into coding and programming !!!
Course: Python Coding for Kids
Dina Bn
What a great way to introduce kids to programming. My 7 years old thoroughly enjoyed the offered master class in Scratch. We will definitely join the new session!
Course: Scratch Coding for Kids
Irina Bgn
Ребёнок мой доволен, а это значит, что вы делаете все правильно и интересно ! Спасибо вам за ваш труд!
Course: Roblox Coding for Kids
Tetiana Honcharenko
Ребёнок доволен. Занятия интересные и познавательные. Спасибо за то, что вы делаете!
Course: Roblox Coding for Kids
Margo Izuym
Хочу поделиться своим отзывом о школе CODDY.ca. Мои двое детей начали ходить на уроки программирования. Сын, ему 9 лет и дочь 6 лет. На самом деле, я была удивлена, что программированию обучают таких малышей...
Course: Scratch Coding for Kids
Irina Vinitsky
Мы ходим на web development и python, детям очень нравится
Course: Python Coding for Kids