Terms of Service

Effective on Oct. 15, 2020

The website located at https://coddy.ca and educational services called the CODDY.ca are owned and operated by 11809458 Canada Inc. ("Company"). This document ("Terms Of Service") governs all services provided by 11809458 Canada Inc. ("We", "Us", or "Our") through CODDY.ca, and all content, services, and products available at or through CODDY.ca.

By using the CODDY.ca or the educational services, you acknowledge that you have read and understand these Terms Of Service and will be bound by this Terms Of Service. If you do not agree to be bound by this Terms Of Service (as defined below), do not use or access CODDY.ca and/or our educational service.


Any individual adult consumer may register with CODDY.ca. You must be at least the age of majority or legal age of your jurisdiction of residence in order to use CODDY.ca and our Service. If you are under the age of majority or legal age in your jurisdiction of residence, you must get consent from your guardian or parent to use CODDY.ca and our Service. The CODDY.ca disclaims any and all responsibility or obligation to monitor or verify the age or legal status of any users of CODDY.ca and our Service. You are responsible for keeping all information from CODDY.ca confidential. Confidential information includes the settings for connecting to the ZOOM class, as well as any information or / and curriculum provided by the CODDY.ca.

Welcome Bonus

If the student have not previously been among the clients (users) at CODDY.ca, he or she may qualify as a First Time Student and be able to receive $25 discount as CODDY.ca Welcome Bonus for the first month of study, regardless of the tariff. $25 discount will be included in the first invoice and explained in the special invoice field. CODDY.ca Welcome Bonus is a one-time discount, it can be combined with other discounts, but it is not transferable to third parties.

Trial Class

The CODDY.ca Trial Class is an online coding class through a ZOOM connection with a duration of 45 minutes maximum. To get the parameters for connecting to the CODDY.ca Trial Class, we would ask you to fill out an electronic registration form and provide complete personal data about you and your child. Data in the form marked with an asterisk are required. The provision of incomplete or inaccurate information is the reason for the refusal to provide options for a CODDY.ca Trial Class. Incomplete information includes the absence of your First and Last name, your child’s First and Last name, your email address and phone number, and the absence of one of three parts of the DOB - the day, month or year of birth.

During the CODDY.ca Trial Class, the coding teacher explains the subject in the coding course selected for the trial class, and also displays on its screen the basic commands for copying the student who is taking the CODDY.ca Trial Class to the local computer. The purpose of the CODDY.ca Trial Class is to determine the ability of a student to study coding in the real or virtual classroom with other students, as well as to perceive the recommendations and methodology from the coding teacher.

During the CODDY.ca Trial Class, the student is able to do:

- Ask coding teacher about coding

- Share thoughts and observations on the topic of coding

- Get the program source code by copying a coding teacher screen demo

During the CODDY.ca Trial Class, the student is not able to do:

- Ask non-coding questions (for example: how much is the coding teacher's salary?)

- Interrupt coding teacher, not giving the opportunity to explain the material

- Refuse to demonstrate screen to verify that the coding teacher has executed the code

The program code for the CODDY.ca Trial Class is the CODDY.ca intellectual property, created by the CODDY.ca authors team. Providing a copy of the trial code for third parties to copy is a violation of the CODDY.ca intellectual rights. The program code is intended only for personal use by students attending the CODDY.ca Trial Class. The CODDY.ca Trial Class is provided to an interested student on a free basis, but a prerequisite is to fill out an electronic CODDY.ca Signup Form. The refusal to fill out the electronic CODDY.ca Signup Form is the reason for the refusal to provide the date and time of the CODDY.ca Trial Class. Since the purpose of the CODDY.ca Trial Class is to test a potential student for the possibility of getting coding classes in a group with other students, the CODDY.ca reserves the right to refuse to enroll a potential student in a group, in written form by email, but without explaining the reason for the refusal. The second opportunity for a CODDY.ca Trial Class is provided after 90 days from the moment of getting the previous Trial Class.

Regular Classes

Regular coding classes at CODDY.ca are group lessons in which students learn coding based on the courses existing in the CODDY.ca. The number of students in the group is limited and the established limit is 6 students maximum in the group. The CODDY.ca reserves the right to revise the limit to a greater or lesser extent, with the obligatory notification of the parents of students in writing via email. Each student in the group is given an equal amount of lesson time by the coding teacher.

Student performance primarily depends on the time the student spends on the implementation of a particular program code, as well as on homework and M.Y.O.G. (Make Your Own Game) session. If the student does not pay enough attention to the study of coding in the classroom, and also does not perform homework and M.Y.O.G. (Make Your Own Game) sessions, the CODDY.ca does not guarantee a high level of knowledge at the end of the coding module. In the event that the student did not give enough practice in the classroom, and also did not perform homework and M.Y.O.G. (Make Your Own Game) sessions to increase the level of knowledge, the CODDY.ca reserves the right to refuse to extend training in the classroom, but after completing one coding module.

By one coding module is meant a package of 8 (eight) coding classes. Coding classes in one module may or may not be combined with a specific topic or coding library. The decision on the inclusion of certain classes with their subjects is made by the CODDY.ca team.

Cost of Education

Based on a coding education system at CODDY.ca, the cost of education depends on the number of coding modules selected for one-time payment. The coding module always starts at the beginning of the calendar month and ends either at the end of the current month or at the beginning of the next one.

One coding module (i.e. one calendar month):

The cost of one coding module, regardless of the coding course, is CAD $ 200 (two hundred) Canadian dollars for one module out of 8 (eight) coding classes. When paying for one coding module, no discount is provided.

Two coding modules (i.e. two calendar months):

When paying for two coding modules (they will pass one by one), a discount of CAD $ 25 (twenty five) Canadian dollars is provided. The total amount paid for two coding modules is CAD $ 375 (three hundred and seventy five) Canadian dollars. When paying for two coding modules, the total number of paid coding classes is 16 (sixteen). When paying for two coding modules, it means that both coding modules will pass one after another (for example, the November 2020 module and the December 2020 module).

Three coding modules (i.e. three calendar months):

When paying for three coding modules (they will pass one by one), the cost of education is CAD $ 525 (five hundred twenty five) Canadian dollars. This payment option provides a CAD $ 75 (seventy five) Canadian dollar discount. When paying for three coding modules, the total number of paid coding classes is 24 (twenty four). When paying for three coding modules, it means that both coding modules will pass one after another (for example, the November 2020 module, the December 2020 module and January 2021 module).

CODDY.ca Point System

Each student at CODDY.ca, regardless of the group, has the right to receive points for certain achievements in academic performance. Basically, a Point is a virtual unit of measurement of student success. At CODDY.ca, the 1 (one) collected Point = CAD $ 1 (one).

There are several types of CODDY.ca Points:

- Leader Point - issued to a student at the end of a coding class for active assistance to the coding teacher and other students, as well as for maximum help in explaining the material. The number of possible Leader Points during the coding class is 1 (one) CODDY.ca point.

- Homework Point - a point for completing homework successfully and completely. Homework often includes several items, and for the high-quality and complete completion of all items of the homework, the student receives 1 (one) CODDY.ca Homework Point. The number of possible CODDY.ca Homework Points during the coding class is equal to the number of students present at the coding class.

- Kahoot Point - after completing the development of the game, we consolidate our knowledge by playing the coding quiz. For this, the Kahoot platform is used. Also at the end of M.Y.O.G. (Make Your Own Game) Demo we're playing a big Kahoot of twenty questions. For getting the first place in Kahoot, the student receives 1 (one) CODDY.ca Kahoot Point. For the second and subsequent places, receiving points are not provided. The total number of CODDY.ca Kahoot Points during one coding module is 3 (three).

- M.Y.O.G. Point - at the end of each coding module, students take an M.Y.O.G. (Make Your Own Game) session (consist of two coding classes - Development and Demo). At the time of the M.Y.O.G. Demo, students have virtual voices and give them for those projects that they liked the most. Also, the coding teacher gives his or her vote for the game likes. Each student vote is equals to 1 (one) CODDY.ca Point and each student who received votes from colleagues in the group exchanges them for CODDY.ca points. For example, student Elisa received 4 student votes for her game from other students and exchanges them for 4 (four) CODDY.ca points. Another example - student Brad received 3 student votes from other students for his M.Y.O.G., in this case his winnings will be 3 CODDY.ca Points.

Points are exchanged in the form of sending electronic Amazon Gift Cards to the email of a parent or guardian specified during student registration for the regular coding classes. The Amazon Gift Card is sent automatically when the minimum CAD $ 10 (ten) limit is reached, or when a student is finished participation at CODDY.ca.

Refund Policy

The refund policy at CODDY.ca provides an opportunity to stop educational services, not depending on the number of coding modules selected for purchase. In the case of the purchase of one coding module, consisting of 8 coding classes, or two coding modules, consisting of 16 coding classes, or three coding modules consisting of 24 coding classes, cancellation of services is possible no later than the beginning of the 5 (fifth) coding class for the first coding module.

In the case of the 5th (fifth) coding class for the student, the return policy is considered closed. A request for a refund must be sent from the registrant's email to the CODDY.ca email address, which is INFO@CODDY.CA, in English, with a request to stop CODDY.ca Service. After receiving an email with a request to make a refund, the CODDY.ca staff will make a count of the coding classes learned and make a refund using the formula:

CAD $200 (one coding module cost) minus CAD $100 (cost of four coding classes learned) = CAD $100 (refund amount for unused 4 (four) coding classes).

CAD $375 (two coding modules cost) minus CAD $100 (cost of four coding classes learned) =  CAD $275 (refund amount for unused 12 (twelve) coding classes).

CAD $525 (three coding modules cost) minus CAD $100 (cost of four coding classes learned) =  CAD $425 (refund amount for unused 20 (twenty) coding classes).

The standard time for sending a refund is up to 5 business days. The membership owner has the right to use the Refund Policy when purchasing the one, two or three coding modules, as part of any of CODDY.ca coding courses. If at least one coding module has been finished completely, that is, 8 (eight) coding classes for a student have been performed, the Service is considered to be provided. If a student has completed at least one coding module, the CODDY.ca does not provide the opportunity to use the Refund Policy after purchasing the second and subsequent coding modules, as part of one (any of the active) coding courses at the CODDY.ca. Limitations on the Refund Policy do not apply to other CODDY.ca coding courses for which the student has not previously been subscribed.

Intellectual Property

We respect others’ intellectual property rights and ask you to do the same. We may terminate your access to CODDY.ca or the Service if we determine that you infringe on others’ copyrights or other intellectual property (including our rights). We retain ownership of all intellectual property rights of any kind related to CODDY.ca and the Service, including applicable copyrights, patents, trademarks, and other proprietary rights. Other trademarks, service marks, graphics, and logos used in connection with CODDY.ca and the Service may be the trademarks of third parties. THE AGREEMENT DOES NOT TRANSFER FROM US TO YOU ANY CODDY.CA OR THIRD-PARTY INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY, AND ALL RIGHT, TITLE, AND INTEREST IN AND TO SUCH PROPERTY WILL REMAIN SOLELY WITH US OR WITH SUCH THIRD PARTY, RESPECTIVELY. WE RESERVE ALL RIGHTS THAT ARE NOT EXPRESSLY GRANTED TO YOU UNDER THIS AGREEMENT. "CODDY.ca" and all other identifying marks, proprietary marks, or trademarks that appear, are displayed, or are used on CODDY.ca or as part of the Service are registered or common law trademarks or service marks of the Company. These marks may not be copied, downloaded, reproduced, used, modified, or distributed in any way without prior written permission from the Company. All materials provided by the trainer during the lessons, as well as during the presentation of bonus and homework are the intellectual property of the company and belong to the CODDY.ca - Coding School for Kids & Teens! trademarks (is in the process of registration https://bit.ly/3n8agWD, https://bit.ly/3cKpagX). THE STUDENT DOES NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO PROVIDE THIRD PARTIES WITH ACCESS TO EDUCATIONAL MATERIALS. FOR VIOLATION OF THIS RULE, THE SCHOOL RESERVES THE RIGHT TO TERMINATE THE PROVISION OF EDUCATIONAL SERVICES WITH THE REQUIREMENT TO STOP ILLEGAL PUBLICATIONS. Unauthorized publishing platforms include Facebook, non-CODDY.ca Discord channels, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, Twitter, student websites and their personal blogs. This Agreement and any access to or use of CODDY.ca or the Service are governed by, and construed in accordance with, the laws of the Province of Ontario. You and the Company agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction and venue of the courts located in the City of Toronto, Province of Ontario.


You may cancel this Agreement at any time. If you wish to terminate this Agreement, you may simply discontinue use of CODDY.ca or the Service. We may terminate your right to use of CODDY.ca or the Service immediately, without notice to you, if, in our sole discretion, you fail to comply with any of these terms and conditions of use or engage in any fraudulent, criminal, or other unauthorized activity.