Roblox Coding for Kids at CODDYCA

Student age: 8+ years old

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Children 8+ can dive right in with no prior coding experience at CODDYCA! They'll spark their creativity and master game creation in Roblox Studio. Through learning modeling, materials, object visibility, and LUA programming, they'll enhance their problem-solving, imagination, and logical reasoning skills. An exciting journey for beginners and enthusiasts alike!


Here in this section you can see many examples of the games that we create with our students and learn to code in parallel. Each game has a clear structure as well as a plan for using scripted commands. Enjoy!

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Roblox Coding for Kids Trial Class

We love Roblox. Play and create games in it. Roblox is a whole virtual world in which we create immersive 3D games. During a Roblox Trial Class at CODDYCA - Coding School for Kids & Teens!, we will show your child the basic functions of the Roblox Studio app, and we can also simulate a simple game with a scripting in the LUA programming language, which is used to code on Roblox. You'll need any modern laptop and a stable internet connection for ZOOM. Download and install the Roblox Studio - Hurry up to sign up!

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