ScratchJr Coding for Kids at CODDYCA

Student age: 6+ years old

ScratchJr is a great start for learning coding on tablets for kids 5+ years old. ScratchJr coding for kids teaches them how to create games, animate characters and make their own cartoons. They can also add their own sounds and images to personalize their creations. During the learning process, children master the most basic foundations of coding - loops, actions on commands, waiting, and others. With ScratchJr, children can develop their problem-solving skills and creativity while having fun. The coding skills they learn in ScratchJr will help them understand how technology works and prepare them for more advanced coding in the future.

Course Teachers

Mike Pavlov

Rafeh Jaber


Here in this section you can see many examples of the games that we create with our students and learn to code in parallel. Each game has a clear structure as well as a plan for using scripted commands. Enjoy!

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Taking your first steps into the big world of programming can seem difficult. But not at CODDYCA - Coding School for Kids & Teens! We teach coding to kids from the age of 5, and they actually love it. It is better to take the first steps on tablets - this is more familiar to young students. Come to ScratchJr Trial Class at CODDYCA, bring any tablet with Android or iPad. Download and install the ScratchJr app Hurry up to sign up!

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