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A Beginner's Guide to Unity Programming for Kids: History, Language, and Basics

Unity programming for kids is an exciting way to introduce them to the world of game development. Unity is a powerful engine that allows users to create 2D and 3D games, simulations, and interactive experiences. Here's a brief history of Unity and some basic concepts that kids can learn to start coding with Unity.

What is Unity?

Unity Game Engine was launched in 2005 by Unity Technologies, a Danish-American video game software development company. The founder of Unity is David Helgason, who developed the engine with Joachim Ante and Nicholas Francis. Initially, the engine was developed for Mac OS X, but it was later released for Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, and other platforms.

So, what age is the best to start with Unity? “There is no age that is too early. If you can read, write, and think logically, you can learn to code.” - this is what they said on the Unity forum. Unity provides an excellent learning environment for kids to develop games and interactive applications. There are many resources available online that teach Unity programming, including tutorials, videos, and forums.

Unity programming language is mainly based on C# (c sharp). The C# programming language was designed by Anders Hejlsberg from Microsoft in 2000. C# is a popular programming language that is widely used in game development. It's an object-oriented programming language that is easy to learn and provides a good foundation for game development.

What could we do with Unity?

The first basic concepts that kids could learn about Unity are:

  1. Scene creation: A scene is a collection of game objects, lights, cameras, and other elements that make up a game level. Kids can learn how to create and manipulate scenes in Unity.
  2. Game object creation: Game objects are the basic building blocks of a Unity game. Kids can learn how to create and manipulate game objects, add components to them, and make them move around.
  3. Scripting: Kids can learn how to write scripts in C# to control game objects, create game logic, and interact with the game environment.

List of Top 5 Games Made with Unity in 2023 

The full list of the games made with Unity Game Engine is huge and we wouldn’t like to hold you here to show all the games, but these games you’re definitely know or heard about: 


Pokémon Go

Goose Game (Untitled) 

Among Us


In conclusion, Unity programming for kids is a great way to introduce them to game development. They can learn about the history of Unity, the programming language used for Unity, and the basic concepts of Unity programming. With the right resources and guidance, kids can create their games and interactive experiences.

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